Test am/is/are
Test am/is/are (questions)
Test I am doing (present continuous)
Test Are you -ing? (present continuous questions)
Test I do/work/like etc. (present simple)
Test I don’t … (present simple negative)
Test Do you…?(present simple questions)
Test I  am doing (present continuous) and I do (present simple)
Test I watched/cleaned/went etc. (past simple)
Test I didn’t … Did you …? (past simple negative and questions)
Test was/were
Test I was doing (past continuous)
Test I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple)
Test have/has (got)
Test I have done (present perfect 1)
Test Have you ever …? (present perfect 2)
Test How long have you …? (present perfect 3)
Test for since ago
Test I have done (present perfect) and I did (past simple)
Test it is done(passive)
Test What are you doing tomorrow? (present for the future)
Test I’m going to…
Test will/shall (1)
Test will/shall (2)
Test can and could
Test may and might
Test must
Test have to …
Test Would you like …?
Test there is / there are  Обновлён.01.2011
Test there was / were / has been / will be
Test it … Test №2
Test go/going work/working play/playing etc.
Test I am / I don’t  etc.
Test Have you? / Are you? / Don’t you?  etc.
Test too / either    so am I / neither do I  etc.
Test Questions (2): Who saw you? Who did you see?
Test Questions (3): Who is she talking to? What is it like?
Test What …? Which …? How …?
Test Can you tell me where …? Do you know what …? etc.
Test to … (I want to do) and -ing (I enjoy doing)
Test I want you to …/ I told you to …
Test He said that …/ He told me that …
Test Get
Test Go
Test I/me he/him they/them etc.
Test my/his/their etc.
Test Whose is this? It’s mine
Test I/me/my/mine
Test myself/yourself/himself etc.
Test ‘s (Ann’s camera /my brother’s car etc.)
Test a/an
Test flower/flowers (singular and plural)
Test a car/some money (countable/uncountable 1)
Test a car/some money (countable/uncountable 2)
Test a/an and the
Test the
Test go home/go to work/go to the cinema
Test I like music I hate examinations
Test the (names of places)
Test this/that/these/those
Test some any
Test not + any / no / no-one
Test not + anybody /anyone/anything nobody /no-one/nothing
Test some-/any-/no- + -body/-one/-thing/-where
Test every everybody/everything etc.
Test both either neither
Test a lot of / much / many
Test (a) little / (a) few
Test old / older expensive / more expensive
Test older than… more expensive than
Test the oldest / the most expensive
Test Предлоги времени: at, in, on
Test Предлоги времени: from…to / until / since / for / in
Test Фразовые глаголы: go in / fall off / run away
Test Фразовые переходные глаголы: put on your shoes